Sunnyvale Public Safety

This page is for the benefit of Sunnyvale Neighborhoods. The official City of Sunnyvale Public Safety site is at Sunnyvale Public Safety.


Nixle is a free community messaging system which utilizes a secure network to ensure creditability and reliability of information. DPS will use the NIXLE system to notify residents about important events happening within, or affecting the City. Residents receive updates via text, web, and email to stay informed of important notifications.

It is highly recommended that leaders and members of neighborhood associations join Nixle. It provides up to the moment information on incidents like the shooting at the Permanente Plant and subsequent manhunt in Birdland. Go to sign up. you wil be glad you did.

Neighborhood Resource Officers

Sunnyvale Public Safety has assigned a Neighborhood Resource officer (NRO) to each Sunnyvale Neighborhood Association. The list of Neighborhood Resource Officers is here: 2014 NRO Contact List. Contact your neighborhood resource officer with any concerns about public safety. To facilatate crime prevention efforts please invite your NRO to all your neighborhood functions.

Sunnyvale Neighborhoods maintains a liaison with Sunnyvale Public Safety. Lieutenant Ryan Yin is the Sunnyvale Neighborhoods liaison officer and the NRO Supervisor:

Ryan Yin
Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety
Crime Prevention Unit
(408) 730-7114

Message from Sunnyvale Public Safety Crime Prevention Unit

The Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety realizes the importance of our Neighborhood Associations within our community and wants to continue our positive communication with our residents. We have had some recent changes and reassignments within our Crime Prevention Unit with our Neighborhood Resource Officers. We want to continue to assist the residents with problems or challenges they face which gives the members a sense of community.

A Neighborhood Resource Officer (NRO) is slightly different than a School Resource Officer (SRO), which is traditionally assigned by Departments to schools. A School Resource Officer simply deals with the schools and activities surrounding the schools. In Sunnyvale we have NRO’s because we realize that many issues that arise in the schools are more of a neighborhood issue than just a school issue.

Part of the responsibilities of a Neighborhood Resource Officer is to form relationships with the Neighborhood Associations and work together to accomplish a common goal. Each of our Neighborhood Resource Officers are fulltime Public Safety Officers who specifically work within our Crime Prevention Unit under the Department’s Special Operations Bureau. Using the principles of Problem Oriented Policing, the Crime Prevention Unit combines the tools of Prevention, Intervention, and Education to meet the many diverse needs of the community. Neighborhood Resource Officers remain available to provide talks and address conflicts or issues as they arise while supporting the Neighborhood Associations. Neighborhood Resource Officers provide the skills in problem solving and teamwork to address the issues brought forward with our community.

Each Neighborhood Resource Officer is assigned to a specified area of the city, and to specific Neighborhood Associations.

The Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety is fortunate to serve a community that supports and partners with us to make Sunnyvale a safe community to live, work and play in. We look forwarded to a continued relationship with each Neighborhood Association and accomplishing the common goal.

For speaker requests please contact the Crime Prevention Unit at (408)730-7140.